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Microsoft IntelliPoint 8.20

IntelliPoint 8.2 includes support for the Microsoft Explorer Touch Mouse
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Microsoft IntelliPoint is an extension to the Conteol panel's "Mouse Properties". It is also a driver for Microsoft mouse. We know, that mouse driver is not an essential thing to have for a computer like the video driver. But many modern mouses are being made with a lot of capabilities like more buttons and wheels and some can even be used as remote controls for your tuner card, etc. So, for a basic Microsoft mouse, this software is not n necessity.

The program adds more features to the "Mouse Properties" like a lot of options to each and every button on the mouse. One great feature is the "instant viewer" which makes the alt+tab (used to switch between windows) more stylish with transparency like in Windows Vista. In Vista, the default option (for middle click) is the flip 3d view.

This package also includes a "Healthy Computing Guide" which is meant to educate people about various musculoskeletal disorders that can happen while using a computer. Carpel tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, etc are problems that any one will face while doing any repetitive activity like typing, using mouse, etc. This guide helps reduce its effects by helping us with the ergonomics needed.

Zack Martin
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  • More options to mouse properties
  • Unified driver for Microsoft mouses
  • Healthy Computing Guide


  • A new program in the startup!
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